Join the Post-Summer 10-Day Challenge! Eat clean food and work your body daily to start the Season off on the right foot…


I don’t know about you but I have been eating a ton of berry pies, grilled burgers and white wine this Summer and I’m feel anxious about the change from Summer to Fall. I know that eating better and sweating more will help my head chill out and make me feel stronger in all ways. If you also feel like you could use could use a fresh start as we head into school, schedule craziness, cooler days and more hectic life, join this 10 day health and heart challenge starting September 9th!

Join a group of supportive, non-competitive women in cutting out inflammatory foods that don’t serve us well. Give your body a boost through including more nutritiously powerful foods and committing to daily workouts to nourish us and feel stronger.

  • We will cut out foods such as added sugar, gluten, red meat, alcohol and processed foods for the 10 days

  • We will increase our intake of veggies, fruit, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and omega 3’s to help balance hormones, stress and overall health .

  • We will commit to moving our body everyday and will be guided with some home workouts and physical daily challenges to strengthen our core and hearts.

  • I’ll also challenge us to cut down on screen time and offer some mindful shifts along the way

Daily recipes (these are optional to use), workouts, nutrition information, tips and resources will be emailed everyday to your inbox for an easy, no-nonsense program to reset your system for Fall.

Price for the 10 day program is $100


 Let’s Sweat Together…


I am a certified group and private trainer and love to get people moving! I teach women’s only, full-body conditioning classes 4 times a week in the Lower East Side and South Street Seaport of Manhattan. All levels are welcome- everything can be modified for those of you feeling slow and out of shape, or ramped up for the fit athlete.

Classes vary and can include HIIT, core challenge, mat work, cardio, yoga, boxing and strength training. If you are looking to work out in a non -competitive environment with like-minded, supportive women, with a bit of laughing along with serious sweating, please come check it out!

*** I also teach private sessions if our schedules align, just get in touch!