Herbs that healthy for you


Wellness coaching with me incorporates your body, mind, spirit and values into a personal wellness program. Take the step to finally prioritize making some changes you long to make for yourself and/or your family. You’ll learn, focus on what you want to shift, and be held accountable and supported to make those changes occur.

One-on-one work with me is different for each client.

Perhaps you struggle with your weight and want to figure out how to move your body more. Maybe you have a hard time staying away from processed foods, your kid snacks, sugar and alcohol.

Maybe your skin or digestion or hormones are off and you can’t figure out why or what to do about it.

Do you want to know how to make simple, quick, healthy meals? Or, do you wonder how your food choices effect your health and the environment and want to learn more about eating organically and sustainably.

Are you stressed too often and can’t kick anxiety? Have trouble sleeping regularly? Feel like you would like to find ways to appreciate the moment more and slow down? Interested in meditation but haven’t found the time to start?

Whatever the reason, a personally designed health coaching program with me will give you the tools to habit shift, make better choices, understand the unique nutritional powers of food, inspiration to try a new path, and support to reach goals that are created specifically for you.

Doctors see you for five minutes and prescribe pills. Diet fads don’t work. Prioritize your health and your values to find a sustainable way to be a more enhanced version of you!

*** I love working with adolescents so if you have a child who you think might benefit from a program designed in a way that is appropriate and 100% supportive, please let me know!

Take Your Next Step:

Programs start at 4 months with bi-weekly sessions via phone or skype.

Best trainer and health coach ever! When it comes to Katia’s knowledge from nutrition to working out - Katia Herman is the absolute tops. She is educated, trained and loves what she does. Since meeting her I have lost 20 lbs, my body is so much stronger and I did a 3 month course with her that changed my life for the better - forever. You finish respecting her and yourself.
— Laura Ponce, Actress